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Food Safety Center of Excellence
Welcome to the
Food Safety Center of Excellence.

Recent events have highlighted the nation's awareness and concern with regards to other forms of potential terrorism. Among the scenarios widely discussed are various forms of bioterrorism and agroterrorism.
Production Agriculture.
Check out the Bad Bug Book to identify foodborne illnesses.
One of the most common virus causing food borne illness is Norwalk in the Calciviridae.
Animal Health, Food Safety on the Farm
Food Safety Fun.
Can your kitchen pass the Food Safety Test? Take this Quiz and Find Out!

Look for the ServSafe emblem at your favourite restaurants.
A lot changes over a lifetime - from the way food is produced and distributed, to the way it is prepared and eaten.
Visit the foremost association in the world on Food Protection.
Germs in food or water may cause serious infections in people with HIV. You can protect yourself from many infections by preparing food and drinks properly.
A quick primer written for physicians by physicians.
Food Safety Lesson Plans

Bring Food Safety Awareness into your Classroom.
Visit the foremost organization in the world on Food Processing.
Foodborne Illness cause millions of Illnesses, thousands of deaths, and billions of $ in lost productivity and income each year.
Food Security [197 kb .pdf file] Production Agriculture Microbial & Chemical Hazards Food Borne Virus Animal Health, Food Safety on the Farm Food Safety Games Consumer Retail and Food Services Food Safety for the Elderly Food Protection Food Safety for HIV Patients Food Safety for Physicians Food Safety Lesson Plans Food Processing Food Safety

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Food Safety Center of Excellence
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